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Texas TABC Attorney Clyde Burleson is a former Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) prosecutor and has also served as an Assistant District Attorney. His knowledge of TABC law & practices is second to none in Texas.

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Clyde Burleson Texas TABC Attorney

Three Reasons to Have a Texas TABC Attorney File Your TABC or TTB Applications

Data Protection

Any information provided to other licensing agencies is not protected by attorney-client privilege, making it possible for others to have access to your private data. Not only do we keep your sensitive data confidential, but we can keep it protected.

Future TABC Needs

After we perform your licensing services, and problems arise from your operations, our legal team is already on your side.

We know your business and can immediately assist you with a strong response.

TABC Knowledge

Our attorneys understand the intricate details of alcohol-related rules and laws, and they stay current with any legislation changes.
Our legal knowledge and our commitment to ongoing training is a benefit to our clients that other licensing agencies cannot offer.

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