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Texas TABC Attorney

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Looking for a Texas TABC Attorney?

Clyde Burleson offers the top rated TABC Attorney services in Texas. Our best in class legal services include TABC licensing, TABC violation defense and other TABC / TTB legal specialties. Our law firm is led by a group of TABC lawyers with over 30 years experience in the alcoholic beverage industry. Our TABC attorneys are supported by a dedicated team of TABC licensing experts and TABC compliance specialists. From start to finish, our expert legal team makes dealing with TABC issues and the alcohol licensing process as easy as signing your name. Contact Clyde Burleson today to speak with an expert TABC attorney and get a free consultation.


Texas Alcohol & Beverage Commission

Do you need to apply for or renew a liquor license? Are you being audited by the TABC? Here's what you need to know.


Alcohol & Tobacco
Tax & Trade Bureau

Looking to obtain a permit for the manufacture of an alcoholic beverage?
Here's what you need to know.


Texas Comptroller
of Public Accounts

Paying higher taxes after a Sales Tax Audit or “Liquor Pour Audits”?
Here’s what you need to know.



Business Entity Formation, Legal Compliance, Partnership Agreements, and more. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Use Clyde Burleson?

We Protect Your Sensitive Information from Public Scrutiny

If you provide information to a standard TABC licensing agency, that sensitive material is not protected by attorney-client privilege. It’s available for anybody to view!

Hiring us gives you peace of mind knowing that your sensitive or personal information will remain protected and private.

We Have a Legal Team Ready to Assist You With Future Needs

If we perform your TABC licensing work and other alcohol-related problems arise from your operations, our TABC attorney is on your side until the matter is resolved.

We know your business and can immediately assist you with a strong response to protect your greatest asset, your business.

It Does Not Cost Any More to Have Us File Your Application

We gives you the advantages of hiring a TABC attorney without taking on any additional financial burden. Our rates for new TABC license applications and TABC renewals are among the lowest rates available in the state of Texas, and we offer much more value than a typical TABC licensing service.

Texas TABC Attorney

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